Multiply that by the number of mission critical applications you run on a daily basis and that is a lot of wasted capacity. A virtualized server increases hardware utilization as it allows you to run multiple applications across multiple servers, seamlessly and easily. This duplicity allows you to require fewer machines allowing you to scale back the cost of running an effective data center. Less equipment means less clutter and less maintenance. This translates to cost savings for organizations with in-house data centers as well as companies that rent or lease servers. Fewer servers also means less energy is used to run them.

Easier disaster recovery

With virtualization, you can move a virtual machine from one server to another safely and quickly. Virtualization software includes that helps automate failover during a disaster as well as test the system before a disaster happens. This integrates with your current disaster recovery plan or can be the centerpiece of a newly written one. If a data center disaster occurs, your computer system is already configured to automatically take appropriate action to make sure your data and applications are fully and safely recovered, thus eliminating costly downtime.

Faster deployment

As your company grows, your IT needs will grow with it. In the past, when you needed to deploy a new application,  you would need to fill out a purchase order, wait for the new server to arrive, configure the server , and install all the needed software. Now when you need to use new applications, a virtualized environment allows you to provision the system and use the new software within minutes.

SNC will find the best solution

At SNC we deploy only the best IT solutions for our clients and one of our key areas is getting the existing hardware to work harder. Our technicians will make sure your technology meets your requirements and suits your needs in a way that makes sense and allows your staff to safely and efficiently use your applications and data.

Lower your operation costs, boost your flexibility, gain the freedom of choice, keep your data secure, and avoid costly downtime with network virtualization. Call SNC today to review your server use and maximize your outcomes.