Disaster can come in many forms. It could be a power outage, or a fire. It could be physical theft of a computer or ransomware infecting the entire system. It might even be a new employee that deletes a few master spreadsheets. Whatever the reason, just because your data isn’t a physical thing doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be protected.

It doesn’t matter how big your business is. If your business uses even a single computer it needs to have a disaster recovery plan and the centerpiece of this plan needs to be scheduled backups of all business data. Backups are your insurance against any number of mishaps. They will get you up and running almost as if nothing ever happened. And as any business owner knows, downtime means lost revenue.

Here are some more reasons why backing up your data is so important.

Protection from security breaches – Even small losses of data can be costly. Say a hacker breaches your system and steals a few customer records. They get personal information like phone numbers, addresses, and financial information like credit card numbers and expiration dates. Be it one or a thousand, you are responsible, both morally and financially. It simply isn’t good business when  money is due to preventable problems.

Ransomware is everywhere – All it takes is a single breach for a cybercriminal to lock up all your data and hold it for ransom. This is frustrating and costly and it happens more often than most businesses care to admit. But with regular backups you can restore your data and not pay a dime.

Natural disasters can strike at any time – Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, tornadoes, building fire, ice storms. Without regular backups, the briefest power outage can be just as damaging as weeks of downtime would be. Imagine having to start completely from scratch after a disaster.

Data corruption or accidental deletion – Sometimes computer systems simply stop working due to a short or a malfunction. An employee may delete the wrong file. The loss of a single spreadsheet can send some departments into total chaos.

Peace of mind –  Any one of the above scenarios could bring your business to its knees, but why worry about any of them? Regular backups allow you to ignore the worst effects and concentrate on other aspects of your business.

The right disaster recovery strategy starts with a professional IT company

SNC has been protecting systems and providing backup services for a very long time. We have seen the industry grow to meet newer and costlier cyberthreats and we are dedicated to keeping our clients’ data safe and backed up regularly.

Our professionals will assess your current disaster recovery process and help you develop a system that makes sense for your business and your employees. Regular backups do not have to be complicated, or costly. Call SNC today to find out for yourself.