The answer to this should be yes. In fact, regular security assessments should be part of your overall strategic security plan. Hackers are continually looking for new ways to breach your system and weaknesses to exploit. The prize is information about your business, your employees, and your customers which is more valuable than any amount that is kept in a cash register.

What is done during a network security assessment?

When SNC does an assessment of your network, we are looking for the answers to a number of questions. Knowledge is key to improvement and if these answers expose any deficiencies we know where to concentrate resources to keep your network secure.

What is your overall security posture?

This entails the hardware and software that protects mission critical functions and systems that keep your business running. An important part of this is the availability of training for team members and documented procedures and policies. Some of the policies that need to be in place include backup and disaster recovery, bring your own device policies, password policy,

How confident are you that you can demonstrate compliance if audited?

Your ability to meet the requirements of a regulatory compliance audit says a lot about your overall network security. Compliance is critical to keeping customer data safe, but it is very important to note that simply being compliant doesn’t mean your entire network is safe or able to meet all security threats.

Do you have a procedure for when you are aware of a data breach?

Sadly, most businesses don’t address this until they have been breached. Even if there are protocols in place, an assessment may deem them outdated or ineffective. It may take some time and effort to have written procedures in place, but they can be the difference between an hour of downtime and a week.

How often do you do backups?

Is the storage self-encrypting at rest and in transit? This is something that should be done on a daily basis, regardless of your business size. Backups are your insurance against ransomware and natural disasters.

Who has access to passwords?

It should be well documented who has these passwords and a procedure should be in place for if one of these people leave the company so they are changed promptly. This is a surprisingly common security issue that not many companies think to address.

How much time does your IT staff spend on tech issues?

Your average ticket time is a good indication of whether your IT staff is quick and effective enough to prevent downtime. If they are taking too long, then this is a process that should be optimized and streamlined.

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