Cyber Security TrainingThorough training is a great way to bolster your cyber security capabilities, here are some tips on how your company can support it and make sure it sticks.

Your network can have the most powerful and expensive firewalls, it could be monitored 24/7, you may conduct periodic penetration testing and simulated cyber attacks every single day. But all it takes is a single employee to open a file from a phishing email to cause major damage and downtime.

An untrained employee can be the weakest link in your network security but with the right training, they can be the strongest. SNC has a comprehensive training program that has educated hundreds of employees at businesses all over the Houston area.

Training is a great thing, but it needs to be supported daily in order to make sure your information stays secure. Here are some ways your company can really drive the cyber security concepts they’ve learned home for your employees.

Buy in starts at the top

Cybersecurity training is meant for c-level employees as much as it is for everyone else. Not only should they participate in the training, but it is their responsibility to promote a culture of safety throughout the company by communicating its importance and budgeting for security.

Have a clear security training plan

And make sure it is communicated to your employees. A formal, documented plan for training should be established and updated with the latest information as new threats emerge.

Start cyber awareness early

As soon as you start training a new employee, take the opportunity to also train for cyber security measures. This establishes network security as something that is culturally important to your company from day one.

Appoint a cyber security officer

Each team or business unit should have an advocate for cyber security that makes sure their team is following the security protocols established through training. This adds an element of peer leadership and makes sure your employees are trained and motivated.

Test them

Simulated phishing attacks are a great way to keep your employees on their toes. SNC performs regular phishing tests, some of which are specific to that team or even that exact user. Users that successfully pass a spear phishing attack are ones that truly display that they have taken their training to heart.

Offer continuous training

Training should continue and be updated as technology changes and new threats emerge. This keeps your employees engaged and solidifies network security as something that your company considers to be a top priority.

Show empathy

An employee that is fooled by a phishing email is not an idiot. In fact, from a security standpoint, the employee who opened the infected file wasn’t the cause of the breach, the system was already under attack before it was opened. Every other security control that should have stopped the email from getting to the employee in the first place had failed.

SNC can help

Your people are assets and they should be invested in continually. Cybersecurity training is one investment that will pay great dividends down the road. Call SNC today and we can explain how our program works and how it will benefit your company and your employees.