Cloud computingHave you ever personally lost data that was important to you? Music files, pictures, videos, or maybe even a document you were working on? Losing that information would be devastating to anyone. Now imagine what would happen if your company were to suffer a data loss, especially if that data was business critical. It could bring all of your business operations to a screeching halt.

Data loss can happen to anyone at any moment. Even the biggest corporations in the world aren’t immune. This is because there are numerous factors that can lead to data loss, and those factors can vary greatly. To save your company from this headache, it would be a good idea to invest in data backup and recovery services offered by a reliable managed IT provider.

Defend Your Business With Cloud Data Backup Services

Risks to your business data are everywhere. Protecting your system from hackers and malicious software is one step toward preventing data loss, but those aren’t the only risks threatening your information. Equipment failure, natural disasters, and even human error are concerns you need to consider when protecting your files. The best way to make sure your data stays safe is to find a backup solution.

Data backup and recovery services are a crucial part of an information protection strategy provided by a third-party vendor. This service is a process that creates and stores redundant copies of your information in a data center located offsite. The goal is to preserve your information in case you experience an event that could result in data loss. If an unfortunate event such as a natural disaster or hardware failure ever occurs, your vendor has the ability to restore any information that was lost.

Local Backup vs. Cloud Storage

Data backup and recovery services are an important part of any business continuity plan. For this, you have two options—local backup or cloud storage.

Local backup is a method of storage and retrieval that uses local devices. This can include flash drives, external hard drives, local servers, and more. Many businesses using this solution have survived events that would have resulted in data loss, but it comes with a few drawbacks.

For example, you’ll be responsible for purchasing all the necessary hardware and software for storage and recovery. You’ll also need to perform regular maintenance on your equipment to prevent failure. Possibly the biggest flaw is the fact that your storage devices would be located onsite—meaning if something happened to your entire office, your storage devices would likely be affected as well.

Cloud backup is a solution that uses the internet to store and manage data over an offsite cloud server. This is an option that can offer unlimited storage, security, scalability, quick disaster recovery, and easy accessibility. It often comes as a service offered by a third-party vendor such as Strategic Network Consulting (SNC). As with local backup, this option isn’t perfect either. A strong, reliable internet connection is required to quickly access your data.

Although both methods perform the same function, which one fits your business needs best depends on your individual situation. However, most small to medium-sized businesses tend to go the service route. This is because choosing a service is often simpler and more affordable. Additionally, a provider can offer much-needed security for your information.


Ransomware, phishing attacks, computer viruses, and other forms of malware are legitimate threats that endanger the security of your data. A managed IT provider that delivers data backup and recovery services will usually offer data protection also. For example, SNC offers a comprehensive multilayered security solution that’s designed to thwart any intrusion attempts or cyberattacks against your online backup services.

We’ll Keep Your Information Safe

When it comes to protecting your data, don’t take any chances. Work with an IT company that specializes in backup plans and data recovery. You won’t find a better provider of data backup for small businesses than Strategic Network Consulting. Unlike other vendors, we take a three-tiered approach that has been proven to be more effective than simply backing up your files and restoring it.

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