breach detection remediation blog JanBlog2Every day cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and harder to defend against. Even corporations with massive IT departments don’t seem to be immune from falling victim to a data breach. In fact, according to research from the cyber security experts at Norton, breaches were occurring at a record pace last year, and that trend is likely to continue in 2020.

The truth is, it’s never been realistic to expect 100% protection from any security solution; advanced malware can break through even the strongest frontline defenses. That’s why breach detection and response are such an important part of a data remediation strategy. By responding quickly to a threat, you have the chance to minimize the impact of a breach and get your business back to normal with little downtime.

Why You Need Network Breach Detection

Many businesses focus most of their attention on preventing unauthorized access attempts, pouring all of their resources into a single line of defense. There’s nothing wrong with building a strong frontline defense, but what will you do if malware finds a way past your firewall? That’s where breach detection and remediation come into play.

Detection tools are designed to monitor your network for unique signatures, behaviors, and anomalies. When something is found, your IT staff will be notified, prompting an immediate investigation into the alert. This allows you to react to an intrusion in real time and remediate the threat quickly before it can cause more damage. There are plenty of reasons a business should invest in detection and remediation services.

Data Breach Prevention Isn’t Enough

Imagine you’re participating in the running of the bulls, an annual event held in Spain. Keeping yourself safe is as simple as running faster than the people you’re running next to. Back in the day, a similar mindset was shared by most businesses. As long as you had better data security than the next business, you could feel safe because hackers went after low-hanging fruit.

However, as hackers became more bold and cyber threats evolved, the status quo changed. We’re at a point where hackers no longer care about the size of your company. They’ll attack whoever they want to go after. So when it comes to protecting data, prevention is no longer enough to keep you safe.

The Real Damage Happens After the Breach

You may be worried about the possibility of an intrusion, but the real threat you should be worried about is what happens after your network has been breached. The worst damage usually starts after your first line of defense has been bypassed. Once inside, a hacker can learn about your network, hide their presence, and mine information for months or even years without detection.

A perfect example of this would be the APT1 cyber-espionage campaign. It was discovered that cyber threat group APT1 snuck their way into the networks of numerous companies and commenced sustained attacks that averaged a year in length. It was one of the most prolific cyber attacks ever committed, and they were able to gain terabytes of information.

Data Breach Remediation Is Your Last Line of Defense

The best defense is not one that puts all of its resources in one basket or the other; there needs to be a balance. To lower your organization’s cyber risk, you need to implement strong prevention tactics to block intrusion attempts and a strong remediation plan to quickly respond to any threat that sneaks its way into your computer system. This creates a comprehensive information security strategy that will protect your business from potential attacks.

Strategic Network Consulting Has the Solution

As a business owner, you can’t afford to have your network compromised. Keep your business protected with SNC. Our expert team is adept at handling data management and security. We’ll analyze your infrastructure to identify weaknesses and work with you to shore up those vulnerabilities so you can rest easy.

If you’d like to learn more about how SNC can help keep your small business safe and secure, give us a call today!