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Unauthorized access to your or your client’s data is a reality you have to face. The dark web contains illegal activity that is difficult to find unless you know what to look for. Although there are plenty of ways to protect data, there are just as many black markets that provide opportunities to obtain that information. Dark web monitoring is a method to contain the madness. It combs thousands of pages looking for the most crucial information that could be out there drifting in the ether or getting into the wrong hands. Once a problem is found, you or your client will be alerted to which information is compromised and the steps to take to fix it.

Data Security

Plenty of sensitive data can be found across the dark web if you look hard enough. Everything from credit card numbers to social security numbers and other forms of personal data are littered across forums, websites, and auctions. Taking action to prevent them from affecting you needs to happen as soon as the information is found, which is why a data monitoring method is important. Dark web scans find information that has been compromised by data breaches or human error and help patch up any cracks in the foundation. They keep you up to speed on what’s missing and how to fix it as fast as possible. Data masking holds value in keeping criminals at bay, but once the information is out there, you need to scramble to recover it.

Dark Web Monitoring Services

Monitoring the dark web is a way to prevent identity theft or loss of personal information through rapid recovery. The scan searches thousands of pages across the dark web to find any information relevant to you or your clients. Once it finds something, you are alerted and the next steps are laid out, with response times being a critical factor.

Identity theft ruins lives. It takes away the sense of security that a person has, resulting in lost time and money spent recovering their own identity and leaving them vulnerable to further identity issues in the meantime. This is life changing in the worst way. Deep web monitoring minimizes the chances of identity theft happening by limiting the time of exposure of any personal data.

Understanding Risk

The risks associated with the dark web are fairly minimal when it comes down to it. Unless a data breach or major accident occurs, your data will never be out of your hands. However, there is always a chance that something could happen. Security measures aren’t flawless, no matter how much we tell ourselves they are. There will always be mistakes, a lapse in judgment, or a small crack in security. All it takes is one small incident to spark a catastrophic disaster.

Strategic Network Consulting specializes in disaster prevention, and we understand the dangers that the dark web poses to your business and your clients. We want to help you find a solution that works best for you while still keeping you safe and secure. Scanning the dark web is one of the best safety measures you can take in the current age of technological advancement.

Every year, every month, every week, even every day, there is a new technology on the market, whether that be the surface web or the dark web, that affects our everyday lives. This can have a positive impact or, in the case of the dark web, a negative one. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of people who are willing to do whatever it takes to make money or ruin someone’s life—sometimes at the same time.

Strategic Network Consulting protects your assets with dark web monitoring that keeps track of everything you value. We ensure nothing is left to chance, and our constant vigilance keeps you from encountering a disaster scenario. Contact us today to start keeping track of your assets with dark web monitoring today.