Focus on your business not your technology May 1In today’s business world, IT is needed to keep operations running smoothly. Some companies choose to hire an internal IT department for their needs, while others choose to outsource their IT. Outsourced IT has grown in popularity over the years, especially among small- to medium-sized businesses. There are a number of reasons you may want to consider hiring your own third-party IT provider, and this blog will focus on why.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

In a world where we increasingly rely on technology, it’s never been more important for a business to have IT support it can trust. When it comes to IT, you have two choices: hire your own in-house team or hire an external team. Both solutions can provide the same services, but outsourcing seems to be the go-to choice for so many companies—why is that? What are the advantages of outsourcing IT projects?

Lower Costs

An outsourced IT staff can do everything an internal department does. They’ll help you with managing your network, users, services, and devices. Essentially, they’ll assist you with any technical matter that’s integral to the success of your company’s operations. This is a perfect solution for companies that can’t afford to onboard an entire team of employees.

The reason why is because it’s expensive to hire an employee. If you think about it, the average IT specialist earns between $35,000-$72,000 annually and it doesn’t end with salary. Think about the benefits and sick leave your company has to pay for. You’re also paying and expending resourcing for their training and equipment.

In addition, you’ll be responsible for building out your own IT infrastructure, which could cost a small fortune. When you hire a vendor, these worries are no longer a concern. With an outsourced solution, you only need to pay a relatively small fee to get the same service.

Better Security

Cyber security is something that’s important to any business. Cyber criminals don’t care what the size of the company is, if there’s an opportunity to invade your network, they’ll take advantage of it. Since this is the case, it’s necessary to have sufficient network security. An outsourced IT provider has the tools and experts on hand to enhance your protection.

While you may already have a firewall in place, an IT provider can provide services like 24/7 monitoring and vulnerability testing. This proactive approach to cyber security will prevent issues from becoming bigger problems. For example, an outsourced support specialist can find vulnerabilities in your system and help you fix them, deliver needed updates and patches, and even provide data backup and recovery services.


Unfortunate events are a matter of life and they can happen at any moment. Incidents like hardware malfunctions, cyber attacks, and natural disasters can suddenly stop your business in its tracks. If even one of these problems occurs, it could bring down your network. It’s kind of difficult for your employees to do any work when they can’t access their tools.

An outsourced support professional can mitigate the damage and prevent network interruptions with disaster recovery services. Disaster recovery is a set of protocols, tools, and procedures to help you maintain or quickly resume business operations shortly after an emergency.

Access to Advisors

There are some IT issues you can likely handle on your own, but what if you run into a problem beyond your capabilities? With a third-party provider, you’ll have access to an entire team of professionals who are experts in their field. As your partner, the IT company can resolve issues quickly by working with you to troubleshoot problems.

Focus on Priorities

One of the most overlooked benefits of using an IT service provider is being able to offload your IT responsibilities onto the provider. With the vendor taking care of your infrastructure, your company is free to refocus priorities and delegate those newly freed resources to mission-critical operations.

Get Your Own Outsourced IT Solution

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