A few years ago, “Cloud Services” was an elusive term with no specific definition but was more of a catch-all term. The thought of putting your business’s data, critical functions, and security into someone else’s equipment seemed preposterous. But technology rapidly evolves into whatever it needs to be to suit the market and the businesses that rely on ever-improving capabilities. 

If your data, files, information, and operations are not in the cloud, you are already working with obsolete technology in today’s small business world. You are already behind the curve, and what’s worse is that you are paying extra money to be in that situation. Everyone has had that aunt who refused to move forward with digital images. She pulled out the photo albums at each reunion, and while we were taking selfies, she was flapping the Polaroid photo waiting for it to dry and develop. 

Suppose this is you, still refusing to go digital and holding on to analog ways of doing business. In that case, it’s time to take the plunge into the next generation of technology and ensure that your business is running optimally, securely, and, most importantly, cost-effectively.  

Cloud services now provide the ability to house all your data, tools for collaboration with people all over the world in seconds, and advanced security tools to protect you.

We are sure you have heard the horror stories and propaganda about problems with cloud storage and why it’s risky, unsafe, or data theft.  But horror stories and propaganda are all they are.  

Strategic Network Consulting has worked diligently to put together the best-in-class offerings for cloud services, security, and business continuity over the past few years. The best part is that we save our clients money in the process—approximately $50k in a year, to be exact. 

Just by removing Exchange servers, file servers, SharePoint servers, Domain Controllers, Application Servers, and more can save tens of thousands of dollars a month in hardware, software licensing, management, and maintenance.

For a fraction of the cost, professional service teams will do that work FOR YOU. Imagine freeing up your IT staff to work on improving performance, reducing overhead, and automating business procedures, instead of worrying about patches, updates, and backups. This is another way to Transform Your IT from a Cost Center into a Profit Center.

The overall improvement to your business is potentially limitless. How much are you planning to save on your IT this quarter?