Would you risk the safety of your home by leaving your keys under the doormat?

If we had to take a guess, we think your answer is most likely ‘no.’ So why are you not securing your network as seriously as you would secure your home?

Cyberattacks are now so frequent; no business is too small for intruders to consider. So if you think your business is not large enough to be targeted by a hacker, think again. Just early this year, a global Microsoft server breach left organizations, spanning from as large as national healthcare companies to as small as mom and pop retailers rushing to stop data theft intrusions.

Save yourself the headache and the stress of dealing with an emergency cybersecurity crisis and get ahead of potentially giving open access to intruders. 

By following a few of these defense methods, you can ensure the protection of vital information and the trust of your customers. 


3 protective measures that will keep hackers from knocking on your home network’s door: 

1. Arm Your System Without Worry by Locking Your Door 

Hackers can remotely scan servers seeking out vulnerabilities in your network. Once they find the weak point, they can quickly infiltrate your servers, causing your applications to crash and steal your information. Don’t leave your network wide open for a hacker to walk in. Ensuring that your servers are patched is critical to running smoothly. With SNC, we can aim to protect your network infrastructure by establishing a server management system so that you can keep your IT drama free. 

2. Switch to Microsoft 365 

Cloud-based services now provide the ability to house all your data, tools for collaboration with people all over the world in seconds, and advanced security tools to protect you. SNC can equip your company with an email server migration to Microsoft 365, so you never have to worry about losing data, documents, or collaboration. 

3. “Incorrect passcode, try again.” We say, “Never.”

We get it. Sometimes you can barely even remember what you had for dinner the night before, let alone remember your 10 character password of letters and symbols. But a 2019 report by Verizon revealed that stolen and reused password credentials cause over 80% of hack-related breaches. Hackers gain direct access to your network by having you give up your credentials through attempts similar to a phishing attack. Your information becomes compromised and potentially released on the dark web for hackers’ gain. 

Protect your passwords using multi-factor authentication. Rather than saving your passwords directly through your internet browser, opt for LastPass – a password management system that uses a master password and strong encryption.



Defend your network like you would secure your home. With SNC as your managed IT service provider, you can stay focused on your core business without the IT distractions. 

As your team of IT professionals, we have the tools and resources to safeguard your network before a cybersecurity crisis can strike. 

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