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We’ll keep your tech working seamlessly and free of IT drama. With Strategic Network Consulting as your IT partner on speed-dial, you can be confident in getting the technical expertise and protection your successful business deserves.
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We Care About Your Success

We know you want to run your company without worrying if your IT systems are properly protected.

That means you need your technology to work for you, not against you. Which why it’s frustrating when chronic technology issues cause your company to lose time and revenue. It’s tough enough to run a successful business without the addition of IT problems crippling your productivity.

To keep your company’s tech working seamlessly, you need an IT partner on speed-dial that’s got your back. Since 1991, Strategic Network Consulting (SNC) has been the trusted IT partner of choice, saving and serving Houston-area businesses from cyberattacks and other catastrophic IT events.

Stop risking exposure to cyber threats and system failures that cripple your operations from running smoothly. Instead, say goodbye to IT drama and get the technical expertise and protection your successful business deserves.

Houston Businesses We Support





While you are building and designing the world, we understand your needs and are familiar with your systems.

You typically have 5 to 75 employees who rely on their computers, network, and software for daily operations. Your firm heavily utilizes Autodesk, Quickbooks, Builders Information Systems, Newforma, Sage Software, and Project Management tools to run your business, relying on your software being operational and running at peak performance day in and day out.

IT Support We Offer Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

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Managed IT

For a flat-rate fee, you can manage your IT needs strategically and affordably.

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Cybersecurity Protection

Keep your data, customers, and employees safe from cyber threats and breaches.

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Data Backup and Recovery

Create a data recovery plan so your business can continue to thrive without losing productivity.

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Create optimum server performance by saving space, time, and money.

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Office 365 Services

Move and upgrade your email services to properly store, archive, and secure communications.

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Hardware as a Service

Take the expense and hassle out of buying new equipment through our monthly fee program.

Trusted Managed IT Services Since 1991

Proudly Serving Businesses in Houston-Area, Texas

Want to Know How Exposed

You Are to Security Risks?

This assessment will help you identify ways you may be exposed to cyberattacks, catastrophic IT events, and chronic technology issues that may cripple your business operations.

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