Public Cloud Vendors

SNC can bring both stability and security to your network.

Cloud Computing: The New Future

Over the next few years, cloud computing will transform the way we do business. Studies have shown that as much as 80% of U.S. small businesses will be using some form of cloud computing by 2020. The initial drive to use the cloud comes from wanting to save money on servers, equipment, and data centers required to host your data yourself.

There are other benefits that public cloud computing can bring to your business:

Cloud computing more than a trendy buzzword.

Public cloud computing will revolutionize your business.

Popular Public Cloud Vendors

Strategic Network Consulting partners with a number of public cloud vendors to help you manage any data that isn’t a high security risk. These services can be part of a multi-cloud strategy that will allow you to combine public and private clouds. Selecting one service over another boils down to your specific needs.  Some users will use different services to perform different functions.

Here are a few differentiating benefits of each:

Amazon Web Services AWS

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud platform

How SNC Will Work With You

The range of options and price scales for these cloud storage options can range greatly depending on your needs. SNC will leverage our years of cloud computing expertise to make sure that your solution is affordable and suited for the exact purpose you have in mind.