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We safeguard your network with cutting-edge cybersecurity solutionswhile also keeping your company in compliance with regulations and standards.

Keep Your Data, Customers and Employees Safe with Trusted Cybersecurity Services

We are all familiar with scare terms like ransomware, crypto viruses, malware, hackers, security breach, or infection. However, consider yourself very fortunate if you are not personally familiar with the scariest terms of all relating to cybersecurity: liable, unrecoverable, zero-day, total loss. These words carry the most detrimental impact on your business. 

While cyber threats continue to steadily increase, ransomware has become particularly pervasive. In 2020, ransomware attacks reached a 20 billion dollar cost annually. But too often, terms and statistics are used to induce emotionally-based responses and impulse buys rather than strategic, evidence-based approaches to cybersecurity. 

While magical solutions to cybersecurity don’t exist, you can take proactive measures and give your business the best possible protection available on the market. The cyber landscape is an ever-evolving, sophisticated organism that continues to require adaptation, evolution, and expert planning, and SNC is here to help!

SNC Uses the Highest-Rated Security Tools in the World

SNC takes pride in the security solutions that we provide to all our clients, including the highest-rated security tools in the world, paired with a custom-developed program that keeps your infrastructure secure and protected. Several components go into our well-prepared security solution, including:


Employee Training (Onboarding and Annual)


Next-Generation Protection for Endpoints


AI and Self-Learning Security Architecture


Behavioral Analytics


Constant Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning


Advanced and Comprehensive Email Security (including post-delivery monitoring and phishing/exploit testing on all employees)

Is a Secure Network a Compliant Network?

Implementing your network’s security and being in compliance are two separate essential measures that we cannot ignore in today’s world.

At SNC, we know the best methods to safeguard your data while following the standards your organization must adhere to. We have helped clients satisfy ISO, HIPAA, PCI compliance, and many other industry and government regulations.

A secure network is not necessarily a compliant network. Being secure involves resolving internal and external threats. It is the sum of all the software and hardware countermeasures you have deployed. 

Security also includes:

  • Educating your employees to prevent ransomware attacks and to protect sensitive information. 
  • Enforcing network security policies throughout your organization, including procedures for when employees want to use their own devices or when company property is operated remotely. 
  • Remediation and penetration threat testing you use to find system weaknesses. 
  • Any security analysis and strategic planning you perform to ensure your network can evolve to new conditions.

What is Compliance?

Compliance standards are security guidelines set by a governing body, either through laws or through a series of requirements set by industry or private institutions.

At their most basic, they are a checklist, and your business either does or does not meet the credentials. Adhering to these standards is critical if an organization intends to conduct business or operate.

Regulations indicate to consumers and industry leaders that your organization meets minimum security requirements. Compliance protects consumers and ordinary people from organizations that need to guard their personal and financial data.

Organizations are held to these standards through a series of audits conducted internally or through a third party.

SNC Can Protect Your Houston-Area Business

SNC has compiled a solid baseline of security that, at the time of this publication, is one of the highest standards in the industry, packaged with our guarantee that we will always continue to improve our security offerings to our clients with the highest levels of protection in mind. 

With our no-drama guarantee, we provide our security tools, analysis, and comprehensive monitoring in our standard managed services package. There are no “premium add-ons” that you need to worry about to ensure optimal protection.

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