Cybersecurity Protection

We’ll safeguard your network while also keeping your company in compliance with regulations and standards.

Keep Your Data, Customers and Employees Safe

Implementing your network’s security and being in compliance are two separate essential measures that can not be ignored in today’s world.

At SNC we know the best methods to safeguard your data while still following the standards your organization is required to adhere to. We have helped clients satisfy ISO, HIPAA, PCI compliance, and many other industry and government regulations.

Is a Secure Network a Compliant Network?

Not necessarily. Being secure involves resolving internal and external threats. It is the sum of all the software and hardware countermeasures you have deployed.

Security also includes:


Educating your employees to prevent ransomware attacks and to protect sensitive information.


Enforcing network security policies throughout your organization including procedures for when employees want to use their own devices or when company property is used remotely.


Remediation and penetration threat testing you use to find system weaknesses.


Any security analysis and strategic planning you perform to make sure your network is able to evolve over time.

What is Compliance?

These are security guidelines that are set by a governing body, either through laws or through a series of requirements set by industry or private institutions.

At their most basic, they are a checklist, and your business either meet the credentials or it does not. Adhering to these standards is critical if an organization intends to conduct business or operate.

They indicate to consumers and industry leaders that your organization meets minimum security requirements. They are geared to protect consumers and common people from organizations that need to protect their personal and financial data.

Organizations are held to these standards through a series of audits that are either done internally or through a third party.

Want to Know How Exposed

You Are to Security Risks?

This assessment will help you identify ways you may be exposed to cyberattacks, catastrophic IT events, and chronic technology issues that may cripple your business operations.

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