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Why use managed IT services?

The speed of innovation in technology surpasses the capabilities of in-house IT or break/fix. Additional projects and changes in directives can overwhelm in house IT staff, leaving corners cut and objectives missed. Managed IT helps you stay ahead and get everything done.

What kind of companies are a good fit for your services?

If you prioritize technology as a part of your business strategy, and not a cost center, we can help you streamline and grow your business. We require open communication, transparency and effective decision-making, and we provide value to each area of your business.

What does an IT provider do, and how do your services work?

There are a wide variety of service providers, and most follow a generic mold, or template style of management. SNC provides fully managed services for all aspects of IT and technology. Based on the number of employees and network devices (IE, workstations, servers, network equipment, storage, etc.), we provide an all inclusive management service and cover the day to day operations of IT, and the management aspects.

How do I choose a good provider?

The MSP world is changing rapidly. You must ensure that you are partnering with a company that is adhering to updated technologies and solutions, and not reselling a recycled and antiquated industry standard. When selecting a provider, ensure that their focus is on growing your business and providing the tools and solutions to give you an ROI, and not just selling IT.

What's the difference between managed IT and break/fix?

Managed IT is a proactive approach to your infrastructure and business plans, preventing issues before they happen, protecting your business when things go wrong, and providing a roadmap to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Break/fix has become synonymous with vulnerable and antiquated.

What if our systems are working fine?

This is a common misconception. Systems normally don’t work fine for any period of time. There are always issues occurring. Even if it appears to be functioning normally, it doesn’t take much for a system to catastrophically fail. Remember, you don’t stop taking preventative medication just because you are feeling fine. Your network is equal to a living organism and requires attention and management.

Is it risky to store my data with a third-party provider?

There are always risks in technology, regardless of the steps taken to protect your data. Most reputable third-party providers have several safeguards in place to minimize the risks to your data. It’s always important to do the research, or get guidance from an expert in the industry who can help you make the best decision for your protection and your budget.

What if we already have internal IT staff?

It isn’t uncommon for companies to engage in a hybrid model, or “co-IT”. SNC includes a virtual CIO role with our clients to ensure that we are overseeing your IT staff, and that you are getting the most value from your employees, and that your IT staff is freed up from day to day routine to engage in higher level projects and objectives that help increase the return on IT investments.

Can you recommend and / or purchase hardware or software for my company?

We are partnered with some of the world’s largest hardware and software manufacturers and can recommend solutions based on need, budget and even personal preference. We also provide Hardware as a service (HaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) to help reduce the impact of large expenses for hardware and software.

Do you offer one time solutions or monthly contracts?

We love to help businesses in any way we can! We are happy to provide assessments, project based work, or ad-hoc projects. However, our managed monthly clients always have our top priority and all other services are limited to availability.

What is your response time for service?

Based on the priority of the issue, our response time can be within minutes! We make every reasonable effort to address issues in the same day, as much as possible, and we go above and beyond to ensure there is always a friendly voice to answer your call!

Do you come to my office when I have a problem?

Simply put, yes. We do not charge different fees for “on-site” vs “remote” for our managed clients. We provide on site support on a regular basis.

What kind of end-user training do you provide?

We provide tiers of training to ensure that your end-users are educated and contributing to your business success. We provide on-site training annually, web based training quarterly for new information, and monthly for cyber security.

Can you serve businesses outside of the Houston area?

SNC has clients from coast to coast. Our tools and networking allow us to expand across the continental US to support business needs.

What certifications do your engineers have?

All of our engineers are Microsoft Certified and have various certifications in security. Our senior engineers are certified in a wide variety of areas including: project management, network architecture, security, hardware, software and business development.

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