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Your technology has to be durable, expandable, and affordable. With SNC you can accomplish all three.

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Hardware as a Service

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) will help you replace the hard-working devices that you use everyday without the huge capital investment. Get all the benefits of new hardware without the upfront capital.

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Network Installation

Are you out fitting a new building or upgrading your current space? SNC will design a system that is fully optimized and integrated into your new or existing infrastructure. We will take your goals into consideration to find the best solution for your business. When you depend on your computer network, isn’t it time you found someone just as reliable to install it?

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Hardware Installation

If you have made a recent hardware investment, SNC will help you integrate it into your existing infrastructure. Implementing a new firewall or VoIP phone system can create downtime for your business. By partnering with SNC, you will get your new hardware installed correctly and efficiently.

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Structured Cabling

Make sure your office is wired correctly and efficiently. An organized system not only looks good, but helps your company meet current and future IT requirements. When SNC wires your space, you benefit from:

  • Less downtime
  • Code compliance
  • Increased flexibility
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Office Relocation

Moving is a hassle and when your IT needs to be moved correctly, better leave it up to the experts at SNC. We will help pack your IT equipment and install it at your new location. With on-site, day-one help for all users, why not hand off the heavy lifting to us?

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