Looking for IT Support?

What to Watch Out For

Before you sign a contract with an IT support company, here are six key factors to consider:

  1. Testimonials

It’s well worth your time to do a little research on the company in question before signing a contract. If others have had difficulty with the company in the past, you likely will too. On the other hand, if the reviews are generally positive, you can be confident that the company will be easy to work with. If you know anyone who has hired IT companies in the past, word of mouth [link to Word of Mouth page] can be a great way to find a reliable IT solution.

  1. Proactive vs. Reactive

Do the company’s support specialists prefer to take a proactive or reactive approach? In other words, do they wait until something breaks to fix it? Or do they actively repair and upgrade your system in order to protect against critical failure? Whichever approach they prefer, make sure it aligns with your business’ needs. At SNC, we generally recommend taking a more proactive approach to maintain your systems. While it might cost a little more money upfront, it can save your business money in the long run by reducing the risk of data loss while minimizing downtime.

  1. Length of Contract

Many companies will try to negotiate for longer contracts. While you may receive a better rate, longer contracts can burn you if your needs change down the road. If your business prioritizes adaptability, make sure to negotiate for a contract period that allows you the flexibility as your needs change. If it’s a company you’ve never worked with before, a shorter contract period will also prevent you from getting stuck with a company you’re unhappy with.

  1. Training

Is the company willing to provide on-going training for your employees? Make sure the company’s support specialists have in-depth experience and certifications with the systems you use. If the company has to learn your systems on the fly, you’ll be better off finding a company that already specializes in your systems.

  1. Response Time

In the event of a disaster or critical failure, you need a guaranteed response time that minimizes downtime. During contracting, clarify whether or not emergency response incurs additional fees. If your business relies on your network for day-to-day business operations, you’re losing money each day the system remains down. Make sure that your IT company can guarantee to remedy the problem in a timeframe that won’t cost your business more time and money than necessary.

  1. Data Security

If you work in an industry that requires compliance with regulatory standards, find an IT support company that specializes in compliance. If you don’t work in an industry with specific compliance requirements, network security is no longer optional in today’s world. Cybercriminals target businesses of all sizes, and yours is no exception. Find an IT support company that maximizes your network security by staying a step ahead of the latest security threats.

If you’re interested in learning more about SNC’s support solutions, contact us today.