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AWP, A Professional Tool For Better Business Collaboration

Enterprise communications can be complex and expensive, especially for small and medium businesses that do not have an IT department or the capital to invest in an in-house communications solution. Your employees expect the flexibility and convenience of file sharing, instant messaging, and cloud-based solutions. SNC can provide all of these services to bolster your IT infrastructure, lower your total cost of ownership, and make your business processes more efficient and more effective.

We accomplish this with Autotask Workplace (AWP) which is a powerful enterprise file sync and sharing provider. We recommend AWP to all our small and medium business clients because it has the ability to adapt to the number of employees and the size of files you use every day. All business and personal files, pictures, applications, and other data from phones and computers can be available and synchronized onto smaller devices.

AWP’s features and capabilities go well beyond simple file sharing:

  • Mobility – AWP allows you to use tablets and smartphones to access real-time versions of business content. This, for example, will empower your sales staff to make on the spot pricing and scheduling decisions, or give your management access to financial data without being in the office.
  • Collaboration – Your whole team can be engaged in a project with the collaboration tools offered by AWP. With a built-in commenting system and the ability to revert to a previous version of a document, your project leaders can make sure the team is on task and communicating effectively.
  • Cross-platform support – AWP is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows systems allowing for offline access and detailed user access control.  AWP also allows you to remotely wipe data from lost or stolen devices.
  • Security – Your critical business content must be secure at all times. The strict, enterprise-level security features and encryption of AWP allow it to meet a number of certification standards including HIPAA, SSAE-16, and SOC1 Type II compliance. AWP houses your data in geo-redundant data centers that not only allow for higher security, but better data redundancy.

Work together, collaborate with team members, and share files in real-time.

Office 365 collaboration services and shared document solutions do it all with help from SNC.

Office 365 Collaboration

SNC can help your organization install and implement the cloud-based collaboration tools available from Microsoft Office 365. This brings the power of all the common Microsoft applications such as:

These are all available to all of your employees on an affordable, scalable basis.

Effective Collaboration Tools Are A Phone Call Away

When your business needs the tools to collaborate, share files, and communicate more effectively, SNC will provide them. Through our complete assessment process, we will propose the best, scalable solution for your business so that the solution is effective and affordable according to your needs and budget. Call us today for a free consultation!