Disaster Recovery/BCP

Protect yourself from data loss with SNC.

What Happens When Disaster Strikes?

No business or data center is completely safe from natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, or blizzards. In addition to Mother Nature, cyber criminals find new ways to breach your systems every day.

After a disruptive event, how long will it take for your computer systems to be fully functional? Even a few seconds of downtime can mean idle employees, missed opportunities, dissatisfied customers, and business that is lost forever. Continued operation is key, and as a small to medium-sized business, disaster recovery may not have applied enough time or resources to data protection and recovery. SNC can help you put a plan into place that will make sure you are ready for any disruption.  

We are experts in disaster recovery.

We’re well-equipped to develop, test, and implement the solutions if your data is lost.

How It Works

  • Assessment – SNC will assess your business’ processes, where you are most vulnerable, and what would happen if these mission-critical processes went down for an hour, a day, or a month.
  • Strategy – We will use the best technology to develop a data recovery plan that makes sense for your business. An easy to manage, multi-platform backup solution like Barracuda will be implemented to protect your virtual machines and allow you to bring your systems back without any loss of data of functionality.
  • Testing – A proper disaster recovery plan doesn’t stop at implementation.  Your data backup and recovery processes need to be documented and tested to keep pace with your growth and changing work environment. An out-of-date plan can’t be trusted to handle the small details when time is of the essence. Technology will evolve, and people may come and go, but SNC will be here to help you update and modify your plan.

If your company doesn’t have a disaster recovery plan or if your current documentation is outdated, call us today for an assessment. With SNC, you gain the resources of an enterprise-class IT technology department without the associated expense. Our seasoned team has decades of experience in data backup and business continuity combined with the up-to-date training needed to support today’s complex systems.