Server Virtualization

Your technology should work for you.

One Into Many

Your existing server hardware may have been purchased to run a single program or perform a single function. But technology today can take that same, expensive, physical server and partition it to run multiple programs and multiple operating systems. This allows you to store more data, run more operating systems, and run more than one complex business application at a time, which saves you money.

Server virtualization is vital to companies that want to reduce hardware costs and improve the services your IT provides to your organization.

If you are an established company, it is possible that you are running applications on older server equipment. The risk of using older equipment is that if these computers fail, the applications fail with them. SNC will consolidate the applications from your old servers into a virtual host machines. This is a seamless transition for users and a cost-effective way for you to make sure these legacy programs continue running the way you want them to.

Your technology should grow with your business.

Fewer servers means better efficiency and lower costs.

How Can Virtualization Help?

  • Reduce costs – Consolidating dedicated servers means needing to buy less as your business expands. Fewer servers also means less of a need to house them in a large data center and supply them with power.
  • Deploy quickly – A cloud-like infrastructure for a virtual private server can be implemented quickly and without any hardware. This allows for minimum downtime.
  • Protect your processes – Virtualization gives your company a way to run the same application on multiple servers as a safety measure. This is referred to as “redundancy,” and is critical if your business runs 24/7. If one server fails, another server running the same program will take its place.
  • Improve uptime – Scheduled backup, easy recovery, and increased uptime guarantees your business will be more efficient.

Our technicians will make sure your technology suits your needs in a way that makes sense and allows your staff to safely and efficiently use your applications and data. Lower your operation costs and boost your flexibility. Call SNC today to review your server use and maximize your outcomes.