Microsoft Office 365 Services

We’ll upgrade, modernize, and secure your email solutions.

Meet the New Standards
for Email

While Exchange 365 is a fantastic email service, Microsoft 365 has evolved into so much more. With dozens of applications, Microsoft 365 services provide solutions and tools for any business challenge. Leveraging this technology makes overcoming obstacles and reaching objectives much more manageable.

Today’s tech users and employees need their email to be accessible, secure, and archived. SNC makes this possible by equipping your company with an email server migration to Office 365 services. We work directly with Microsoft to ensure you have the most cost-effective solution that is best for your business needs. Our Office 365 Services MSP Program provides email services, collaboration tools, data backups, advanced security and threat protection, license management, and more!

What are the Benefits of
Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft 365 has become synonymous with email and Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, yet there is so much more! Office 365 services have evolved over the last decade as an industry standard for collaboration, communication, and end-user experience:


Email is in the cloud so accessibility in real-time from any employee device is easy.


Pay as you go pricing means the entire service is scalable to your needs. This means you can buy as many licenses as you need at any given time to account for changes in your workforce.


Automatic upgrades and patches enhance security and user experiences. And your email stays up while this happens, so there is never any downtime.

CRM, ERP, collaboration, optimization, communication, document creation, security, mobile device management, remote accessibility, and automation are some of the standard capabilities of Office 365 services. The integration of Employee Self-Service Solutions also increases the engagement and productivity of each employee by giving them independent tools that provide immediate answers and customizations.

Already Have Microsoft Exchange?

We have been known to also help our clients fix the following problems with their Microsoft Email Service:


Existing issues with Microsoft Exchange


Slow network connections


Misconfigured firewalls and proxy devices


Compliance issues


Third-party plugins

Want to Know How Exposed

You Are to Security Risks?

Your email is critical to your business. As more data is stored in email and people are more mobile, hackers have become smarter and acclimated to the new digital landscape.

This assessment will help you identify ways you may be exposed to cybersecurity attacks, catastrophic IT events, and chronic technology issues that may cripple your business operations.

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