The internet is filled with hazards, all of which aim to infiltrate your network defenses. Threat remediation should be viewed as an active approach to security where risk is assessed and warnings are identified, flagged, and resolved. As part of a complete cybersecurity strategy, threat remediation is the best way to circumvent hackers that are always working on new ways to breach your system.

Threat assessment

When you assess your network’s vulnerabilities and risk, threat remediation is an additional way SNC can make sure your network is as airtight from threats including ransomware and other cyberattacks.

Implementing new security controls help keep your company safe. SNC will help your business implement:

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is the process where our security team gathers intelligence about potential threats and vulnerabilities in your systems help determine the level of risk posed to your company. This is a key component of threat remediation. A proper security policy considers a number of key areas and gives a threat assessment of these risks that are both internal and external. These areas can include:

How you identify and resolve threats is an important aspect of your cyberdefense.

Companies that don’t practice true threat remediation are at risk

SNC is equipped to handle your cybersecurity needs

Vulnerability management and threat detection is best performed by a trusted third party that can help you assess your current level of risk and your approaches to detection and remediation. An active approach to cybersecurity is nothing new, but as data breaches and cyberthreats increase so does the need for actively seeking risk before a cybercriminal does.

SNC can help identify your high risk areas and develop strategies to keep your networks protected.