The Advantages of Managed IT Services to A Small Business

Why Trust Your IT To Anyone Else?

Technology is important to any business. Whether you sell barbed wire, cupcakes, or top-notch pest control services, technology can help you achieve your goals. The primary challenge for businesses like yours is the cost of buying the hardware and software you need and hiring the house IT staff required to support it. Your system needs to be secure, compliant, up to date, and you must have the ability to bring it back from the brink of disaster at a moment’s notice. When you want to use more advanced business tools such as cloud computing or secure file sharing do you have the right staff and knowledge to guarantee success?

These requirements are a terrible burden on your budget and your staff and the best way to eliminate these concerns is to trust your IT to an experienced managed IT specialist like Strategic Network Consulting. The benefits of managed IT services are tailor-made to organizations that need the additional help and expertise.

How Can SNC Help You?

Predictable Monthly Costs

This goes beyond buying equipment. For a fixed monthly fee you have access to a wealth of IT knowledge and support that suits your budget without all the guesswork. When you do need to make the capital expenditure to invest in new technology, SNC is here to make sure you make the best possible decision for your needs and your budget.

  • Customizable and scalable services – Many businesses are taking the strategy of start small, move fast, and expand when you need to. SNC can provide the exact services you need so you aren’t paying for anything extra.
  • Information technology experts available 24/7 – Your business doesn’t solely operate between the hours of 9am and 5pm which means your IT support also needs to be available to assist your users around the clock.
  • Free your IT staff – Small businesses have to adapt and improvise to survive. At this point in the development of your business, its likely someone in your staff has been the “IT person” but this probably isn’t their core strength. Even if you do have an in house IT staff, they are better used to solve long-term issues over the day-to-day, back-end functions that will take up the majority of their time. A managed IT service provider can alleviate these burdens on your staff.
  • Ease your mind – Every aspect of your IT, from security to compliance, is being handled by experts. You don’t have to worry about updates, disaster recovery, remote monitoring, or any of the nuts and bolts of IT. We stay up-to-date on all cybersecurity and business continuity developments, and we monitor your network so you can concentrate on your business operations.

Are You Satisfied With Your Current IT Solution?

Perhaps the greatest benefit to enterprise level managed IT services with SNC is you instantly have a trusted IT professional available to help plan and guide your business through the next phases of growth. The depth of our IT knowledge and breadth of our experience makes us a partner that can meet your organizations needs now and in the future.

Your current IT solution shouldn’t feel like a temporary fix. Invest in your business by choosing a managed services provider that has your business goals at the forefront of everything they do. Call SNC for a free consultation today, and see how we can deliver meaningful value to your business.